What’s in my Beauty Bag: Busy Mom Edition

Picture this:  You wake up late, barely squeeze in a shower (or you don’t), and are running around your house like a madwoman making sure the kids are brushing their teeth, wearing clean clothes, lunches and homework are done, dogs are fed, while constantly going back to the mirror to ensure you’re put together enough to face co-workers and the general public with confidence (even if you’re faking it).   Long, difficult sentence to read?  If your answer was yes, then you get where I’m going with this.  On those crazy mornings, this is what is in my beauty bag.

I’m going to go in the order I put these products on my face, which is in no way the right (or wrong) way to use them.  Either way, I promise you’ll walk out the door with a finished look done with minimal effort.  *These are not sponsored links, I just genuinely love these products*

1) Moisturizer:  Don’t skip this.  Ever.  No matter what your skin type is, your skin needs the daily moisture.  Find a product that works for your skin and use it every day.  These two are my favorite – Loreal Revitalift Triple Power Serum + Moisturizer and Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

2) Lightweight Foundation:  Light coverage foundation is a busy mom’s best friend.  It will subtly even out redness and take undereye shadows back down a few shades.  If you have extra time, you can build it up for more coverage.  This one, it’s all I need – It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

3) Brow Pencil:  Don’t neglect your eyebrows, they can change your whole face.  I try to fill in my brows as natural as possible, the “Instagram Brow” does NOT do my chubby face any favors.  I usually prefer brow powder, but it takes me longer, so on busy mornings I use a pencil.  I know you’re tired of hearing about this one, but I love it – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

4) Eyeshadow:  A single neutral color, preferably matte, swept over your lid and up into your crease pulls your look together.  Grab any palette you have available with matte shades.  I like these ones – Lorac Pro Palette and Milani Palette in Must Have Naturals

5) Mascara:  I have light colored eyelashes, so this is a must for me.  Mascara makes my eyes look open and awake, even when it’s far from the truth.  I rotate between these two – Maybelline Lash Sensational and The Balm the Body Builder

6) Blush:  I know it feels extra, but just do it.  It puts a little color on your cheeks like you’re flushed with happiness and not stressed from the morning rush.  Color is personal, but this one’s my favorite formula Avon True Color Smooth Minerals Blush

That’s it! Six products and you’re out the door.  I’m a firm believer that being proud of how you look when you walk out into the world makes a difference in how you feel.  Whether it’s bare faced, full glam or your version of a busy mom makeup routine, be confident in how you look and it WILL translate.

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