Teacher’s Assistant

Welcome to Tuesday Boozeday!  A new post every Tuesday in celebration of making it past the dreaded first day of the week.  Whether it’s back to work, back to school or back to the daily grind of life after a (too short) weekend; kick back and relax with today’s cocktail and prepare to own the rest of the week.

Today’s drink:  Teacher’s Assistant

My kids are finally back in school!  If yours are too, let’s take a moment to silently cheer while they do their homework across the room.  An excuse for shopping, volleyball season, a whole lot of learning, and SCHEDULES are back in my life and I’m not sorry about being ecstatic about the fall of summer.  You see what I did there?  Pun intended.  I have a fourth grader and a sixth grader this year and they neither miss me nor bat an eye at walking in to school on the first day.  Fine by me as long as they continue to love going to class…I’ll take it!  To celebrate the return of normalcy to our daily routines, I’m making a drink to honor the amazing humans in charge of all the learning I just mentioned:  My kids’ teachers.

Some apple for nostalgia, some ginger ale for fizz, and some whiskey to wash down their first days of school crazy!  All together you get a drink suitable for winding down after the last kid goes home.  Or if you’re like me, for winding down after the last kid goes to bed and we can start all over in the morning.

Teacher's Assistant

Servings 1 Drink
Author Krista


  • 2 oz Whiskey
  • 3 oz Cranberry Apple Juice
  • Ginger Ale


  1. Fill a pint glass with ice

  2. Build drink by layering whiskey and cranberry apple juice

  3. Top off with ginger ale

  4. Stir gently and bottoms up!



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