Beauty Hacks Tested – Part 2

If you missed the first part of this post, go back and read it now!  You need to figure out how I started this misguided adventure of pouring organic coconut oil on my legs in an effort to simplify my life.

Beauty Hacks Tested – Part 1

This is the continuation of my Top 6 Beauty Hacks.  Again, as I stated before, I have no idea who to credit for these original ideas; one version or another of each hack is littered all over the web.  This is my experience and even if these DID NOT work for me, they may be your beauty routine saving grace!

  1. Coconut oil to shave (outside the shower)

I don’t normally shave my legs outside of the shower.  But if this hack worked and I could shave on the fly…I’m game.  The hacks I saw online either used baby oil or coconut oil in place of shaving cream and BONUS, would moisturize your legs!  My family all went to bed early; I took advantage and set out a beach towel on my living room floor so I could continue my current Shameless binge.  My kids are way past baby stage, so all I had on hand was Organic Coconut Oil from a failed experiment of putting it in my coffee.  Paired with a brand-new razor and a cup of warm water, I set to work.  Right away I felt this going bad.  I was making a mess just getting the oil from the tub to my leg.  Initially, shaving wasn’t terrible.  My razor didn’t pull, but after the first section my legs started to burn.  Fully committed, I pressed on and finished both legs.  MISTAKE!  I couldn’t figure out how to get up without depositing dog hair (I had just vacuumed) on my oily legs.  I went to bed with a sensation of burning fire death because my poor legs got the most intense razor burn of my life.  I’ll save you the image and keep the picture to myself.  I know it’s extra time in the shower when shaving is necessary, but there’s a reason we do that!  The hot water opens the hair follicles and makes shaving easier.  I’d rather shave with a drying bar of soap in the shower than ever attempt or recommend shaving with coconut oil EVER AGAIN.



  1. Silicone Honeycomb-Style pot holder as makeup brush mat

I conveniently had one of these in our trailer, so I ran it through the dishwasher (twice) and then set to cleaning my brushes.  I used the same solid brush cleaner I always do, you can get it here:  Sephora Collection Solid Brush Cleaner .  I saved up their washings specifically for this test, and as result they were embarrassingly DIRTY!

The honeycomb pattern is deeper than traditional brush cleaner mats and I could get further down into the bristles than I normally do.  The large honeycomb pattern also created suction at the bottom of the sink.  I wasn’t expecting that, but it made it easier to wiggle my brushes around without moving around too much!  When I was finished, my brushes looked and felt cleaner than they have in a long time.



  1. Visine on a pimple to reduce redness

 I have a lot of Visine.  Why?  I can’t tell you, because I have no idea why we have it.  No one in my house uses it, there are 4 different variations of Visine just sitting in my medicine cabinet with no good use.  If this hack worked, I would be thrilled to use them up.  It doesn’t work.  Or rather I should say…it did not work FOR ME!  At all.  I’m not even offering a picture (mostly because I forgot) because it’s not worth the time.  Maybe my skin wasn’t red enough, or the Visine wasn’t constricting enough, but either way, I just ended up with a wet red spot on my face.


One more hack in the win column.  I’m more than willing to try more weird beauty hacks, so let me know in the comments what your favorite beauty hacks are.  Or…hacks you want to try!

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