Beauty Hacks Tested – Part 1

For the most part when I come across hacks on social media I feel like they take more effort than they are helpful.  Using a sock to blend out my foundation when my brush/sponge is dirty?  No.  The closest sock is likely dirty and with the effort required to scrounge up a clean one, I might as well just clean my brush.  So…I keep scrolling and forget about the genius ways to simplify my life.

But…every once and a while I come across a hack that has me scratching my head thinking, “Why haven’t I been doing that?  It seems so simple and obvious, am I the only one who didn’t know this!”

These are my Top 6 Beauty Hacks I’ve come across.  The ones worth the effort.  I have no idea who to credit for these original ideas; one version or another of each hack is littered all over the web.  Or, maybe these ideas are so old they belong to public commons now.  If so, I’m out of the loop!  I’m going to divide the post into a two-part series because I’ve tried half and I am waiting to test out the rest.  I feel like you deserve my FULLY tested opinion on these, so bear with me while I go stick a spoon in the freezer.


  1. Contact solution to prolong mascara life.

As a contact wearer, I always have this on hand, so this one seemed easy.  I grabbed the nearest beginning-to-dry-up mascara (happened to be It Cosmetics Superhero) and well…not as easy as I hoped.  Those bottles have a precision squirt and I still managed to get this EVERYWHERE!  I used way too much, especially since I was testing it on a travel size mascara, and the first few initial pumps sent liquid out all sides.  Once I settled down and mixed it up a little, the mascara went on like a dream.  Better than when I first opened it.  This hack made this mascara BETTER!  Now that I know a few drops is all I need, next time I’ll nail this.



  1. Frozen spoon for puffy under eyes

Everything I’ll have on hand and minimal effort. Check and check.  I threw a spoon in the freezer and set the timer.  When I went to pull it out, I was surprised to find ice had cemented itself to the spoon.  My fault for washing it and placing in the ice maker damp I guess, but let’s not blame each other here.  I instantly thought, fail.

But when I laid down to put the spoon under my eye, I felt immediate relief from pressure I didn’t know was there.  Maybe it’s only because this has been the hottest week of the summer, but this was so relaxing for me.  I’m sure it helped those bags under my eyes too.  The only fail here was that I didn’t wash two spoons.  I won’t make that mistake again.



  1. Perfect eyeliner with an eyelash curler

This seemed smart.  The pictures I found online ALL showed perfectly applied eyeliner.  Even on both eyes like magic.  As much faith as I had, I wasn’t about to try this before I headed to work, so I washed my face and set to coloring my smoothest black eyeliner on my eyelash curler.  At home.  At night.  I’ll just leave the picture right here.  It speaks volumes.

The only upside here is I had to wash my eyelash curler, and I don’t think it’s ever been so clean.


Two out of three is pretty good.  And if there’s anyone out there that’s tried the eyelash curler hack and got it to work, I need to know!  For now I’ll stick to things I know; like spoons and contact solution, and I’ll keep testing for ways to simplify my beauty routine.  Make sure to come back for part 2!

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